Co-sleeping cradle with drop side Close to me

  • Intended for children aged 0 to 6 months weighing no more than 9 kg
  • “Co-sleep mode (fixing to the parents’ bed)”, allowing the parent to sleep close to the child
  • Can be used as a normal crib
  • Easily removable upholstery, easy for cleaning
  • Mattress with removable fabric for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable legs with wheels
  • Adjusting the crib at height  /5 positions/ and anti-reflux position
  • Rocking devices
  • Easy and compact folding and storage of the product
  • Manufactured according to European Standard EN1130, made of 100% safe materials
  • Dimension: 105x70x86 cm

KOSCLO181GR graphite
KOSCLO182BE beige
KOSCLO183GN green
KOSCLO184PI pink
KOSCLO185BL blue

Instructions for use